The passage, “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan describes the power of different languages we use. The narrator, Amy Tan compile her own anecdotes to give specific examples. Amy Tan informs readers about how the language, English could be different from one to another depending on the audience or the speaker itself. First of all, she goes on to explain how the audience can affect one’s language by comparing the way she talks to a large group of people and her mother. When she gives a speech to a large group of people, the words she ¬†use, the tone or the gestures she makes is more formal and respectful. However, the way she speak to a friend or family can be short, easy and natural. It could even be grammatically wrong. Nowadays where social media is use by everyone, the language, English could be seen even more broaden than what she describes in her passage. Teenagers tend to communicate through hashtags or abbreviations. These key stories of Amy Tan taught readers that the language, English is could be differ from one speaker to another, the audience and even the situations.


2 thoughts on “Mother Tongue – Amy Tan

    1. I think that social media actually helps communication because it makes many people connect to each other. However it is a different type of conversation just as how Amy Tan and her mother communicate in their own way.


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